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Author: Jambijon
Date: October 6, 2021
Jambijon, author of World of Tanks Frontline Guide

Map Mondays: Frontline “Road to Glory”

Hello Tankers!

We are going to do something a little different for today’s Map Monday!  With Frontline in full effect why don’t we showcase some of the awesome guides fellow tankers created for the Frontline Guide Contest?

It’s astounding to see the amount attention to detail some of these guides provide, so I’ll do my best to compile them but I highly recommend checking out the full versions if you’re looking to improve your Frontline game.

Player Guides:

Map Overview:

As most of you know, this map is freaking massive since it has to house 30v30 battles.  For this reason, the map is separated into 9×9 sectors and if you are just starting it can definitely be a little daunting when spawning on a new sector, so having simple map guide like the one below is extremely helpful. Courtesy of JBomb001 for the tactic maps and timelabor map descriptions.

Sector A

Zone A specifics:

  • Ridge line in the East – good to support the capture effort with TD fire – nice flank shots on defenders and attackers alike.  You will likely encounter enemies here as well. As the attacker, work to control ridge first. As the defender – die while focus firing on any enemy tanks on the cap.
  • A-B transfer – situational Primarily useful for the attacker, but if the defense in “A” is going well – the defending team can slip into “B” and create some flanking havoc.
  • Defender – you must push the cap area and work the ridge.  “A” has been one of the hardest zones to defend.

Sector B

Zone B Specifics:

  • Defender need to get into flanking positions that can shoot early cappers
  • Attackers not on cap focus fire on enemy tanks that can hit the cap
  • Expect fire fights in the center and eastern flank
  • Attackers may want to slide of the East ridge on Zone “A” and overload that map making capture easier.

Sector C

Zone C Specifics:

  • Attacker needs to contest the Western “tower” area – Defenders really want this – from there they can deny most capture efforts in this zone.  So, both sides really need to fight for this area.
  • In a similar manner the East will provide some cap flanking opportunities – not as critical as the West tower.  Attackers – if not fast enough – will catch flank fire from the east as they approach the cap.

Sector D

Zone D specifics – Play/experience so observations are limited:

  • Attacker – reorganize and, as always, press the cap ASAP
  • The East & West edges both offer a number of sniper locations for the Defender – attacker needs to contest these locations to disrupt that flank fire
  • Transfer to “E” is more useful for the attacker
  • SPG location allows for cross zone fire
  • Attacker can go wide in the west and flank the defender – defender, key an eye on that.

Sector E

Zone E specifics:

  • Defender needs to be aware of Western D→E crossovers clashes can occur anywhere along that mountain pass
  • Eastern Ridges – a fight will develop for control of these houses and sniper zones.  Neither side can afford to ignore it.
  • Eastern ridge – given the opportunity, the attacker can push right through here unspotted and be prepared to cross into the Objective Zone ASAP.  Defenders – be aware
  • Defender can cross in the North to from zone “D” – this can flank fire into the advancing enemy after taking zone “E”.

Sector F

Zone F specifics:

  • Regarded as one of the more difficult zones to capture – defenders can get a lot of angles on the cap and have covered positions from which to shoot incoming attackers.
  • Attackers taking the longer approach down the narrow western trail can break the defense on that flank and make capping much easier – but it is a long drive.
  • Defensive sniper nests typically form under cover directly north of cap and on the eastern ridge.
  • Attacker should contest the eastern ridge by assault and clear it.

Frontline Objectives

The objectives cannot be repaired once damaged.  Given enough time the attacker will always destroy them.  How much is enough?  Depends on the attacker, but as little as four minutes usually means an attacker win.

Flank fire on the objectives will generally pen… so there’s no need to maneuver all the way to the rear of the turrets.  Anything that does NOT pen will not be of use. Attacking SPG at this point can only interfere with defending tanks (well unless you move all the way to the rear of the Objective) so don’t even bother to shoot Objectives with SPG.  

Defending SPG as useful (or useless, depending on your opinion) as ever and maybe more so. Why?  At this stage attackers will press on despite damage. Therefore, many are more likely to be one shot kills and the stun slows their rate of reload.  Again, I’ve frequently had multiple kills in the last couple minutes of FL using artillery, small damage but crucial impact on preventing an objective or two from being destroyed.

Essentially these are all attacked with the same approach.  Gang up, focus fire, bring one down before you jump another.  Look at disposition of defenders (TAB key) and go where they are not!  

Defenders, don’t try and hold them all – and Kills on attackers are critical – you need to send them away to re-spawn, focus fire!  If you die trying it’s not too bad as you respawn closer to the action than the attacker.

If readings not your style, you can check out some of the following videos for guidance:

Thanks again for all who participated in the Frontline Guide Contest


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